KNOBS – Episode 16 – Eric Bachmann


This week’s episode features ex Archers Of Loaf front man Eric Bachmann. Matt and Eric discuss his latest self titled Merge Records release, the life of a domesticated rocker, and what it’s like to play in a strangers’ living room. This Episode of KNOBS is brought to you in part by ART Pro Audio

KNOBS – Episode 15 – Nel Cline: Part 2


This week’s episode features Part 2 of Matt’s interview with guitar legend Nels Cline, including discussion about the new album, Lovers, and of course, Wilco news! This Episode of KNOBS is brought to you in part by ART Pro Audio

KNOBS – Episode 14 – Nel Cline: Part 1


On this episode of KNOBS, Matt and Chris get together on Matt’s back patio to soak in the Summer air and get caught up on life, family and their shared love of Wilco’s Nels Cline. Nels is about to release a gorgeous double album on August 5th titled, Lovers. This interview also happened the same day Wilco announced a brand new album called Schmilco. Fans of both Nels and Wilco will not be disappointed with the first part of a two part interview with this guitar legend. This Episode of KNOBS is brought to you in part by ART Pro Audio

KNOBS – Episode 13 – Todd Tobias


On this episode of KNOBS, Matt gets to know longtime Guided By Voices / Robert Pollard producer Todd Tobias, speaking about his home recording technique and vastcatalogue of all things Bob. This Episode of KNOBS is brought to you in part by ART Pro Audio

KNOBS – Episode 12 – KNOBS Does NXNE 2016


On this episode of KNOBS, Matt and Chris hit the streets of Toronto to take in NXNE 2016. They eat great food, drink craft beer, take in some live music, but most importantly, speak with festival goers and find out what the people think of a festival like NXNE. This Episode of KNOBS is brought to you in part by ART Pro Audio

KNOBS – Episode 11 – Chris Taylor


This Week, Matt and Chris get caught up with some new developments in their personal lives, drink cold beer while watching the Blue Jays game, and get to know Chris Taylor. Chris is a member of the Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear, who are currently in studio working on the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2012 album, Shields. Matt and Chris use ART Pro Audio D7 Microphones

KNOBS – Episode 09 – Damien Jurado


On this Episode of KNOBS join Chris and Matt as they discuss their love of music and baseball, athletes who love music, and how looping technology is changing with the brand new BOSS RC -202. This show is also very timely as Damien Jurado joins KNOBS just a week after releasing his brand new album ‘Visions Of Us On The Land.’ KNOBS is brought to you in part by BOSS /  Roland.   Visit RC – 202 DEMO:

KNOBS – Episode 08 – Dan Boeckner

Sub Pop Poster

On Episode 8, Chris and Matt get excited about this year’s upcoming Record Store Day, and Operators / Wolf Parade frontman Dan Boeckner stops by for a live in-studio chat. Matt and Dan discuss what toys he’s playing with these days, why he left L.A and what the future holds for Wolf Parade fans. KNOBS is brought to you in part by BOSS / Roland. Visit

KNOBS – Episode 07 – Dan Deacon


On this episode of KNOBS, Matt and Chris discuss the passing of legendary producer George Martin, announce some exciting news about this Podcast, and get to know Baltimore experimental artist Dan Deacon who at the time, was about to embark on a North American tour with Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips. Dan lets us in on how his career started, the toys involved in his current on stage setup, and why dumpster diving is a lost art. KNOBS is brought to you in part by BOSS / Roland. Visit

KNOBS – Episode 06 – Doug Gillard


This week we speak with legendary indie rocker Doug Gillard. Between solo records and endless days of touring and recording with Guided By Voices, Doug has found a home with Nada Surf, who ironically enough, are set to release a brand new album this week titled ‘You Know Who You Are.’ This is a short 25 minute show this week, but we’ve got some excited things happening very soon. Enjoy!

KNOBS – Episode 05 – Jason Lytle


On this Episode of KNOBS, Matt and Chris briefly discuss the passing of David Bowie and his impact on the music world, plus his connection with this week’s guest, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. We’re so thrilled to step inside Jason’s Portland home studio as we discuss his past, and future with Modesto’s finest, plus we discuss his production techniques on his own music, and other artists who he’s been working with.  

KNOBS – Episode 04 – Nick Harmer


In this episode of KNOBS, Chris and Matt discuss a new year full of great new music ahead, and finally dedicate a full episode to the bass players out there! Nick Harmer of Death Cab For Cutie sits down and talks about his rig and setup of the past and present, the difference between the stage and studio, and how an octave pedal and a dream he had placed the bass guitar into his hands for good.

KNOBS – Episode 03 – Rob Schnapf


On this episode of Knobs, Chris and Matt discuss the life and times of the late Scott Weiland, and speak with the wonderful production talent that is Rob Schnapf. Rob is responsible for bringing Beck into the spotlight, and has worked with the likes of Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters, Guided By Voices and more.  

KNOBS – Episode 02 – Lee Ranaldo


For Episode 2 of KNOBS, Matt and Chris get to know Sonic Youth guitar God Lee Ranaldo by taking an inside look at his current on stage pedal setup. They also discuss his solo work, his signature Fender JazzBlaster model, and what sounds you can produce by hanging your guitar from a tree. We’re also treated to personal photos from Lee’s rehearsal space in the show notes. ​ GALLERY:

KNOBS – Episode 01 – Steven Drozd


For Episode 1 of KNOBS, Matt and Chris give you their backstory and attempt to introduce themselves without acting like boring 35 year old Dads. Also, both being huge fans of The Flaming Lips, our hosts try to not to lose their sh*t as they are joined by multi-instrumentalist and key member, Steven Drozd as he takes you on a tour of his live on stage setup, gives us some info on what the band is up to these days, and why hanging out with Miley Cyrus might help one to feel  more relevant for a band that’s been making music for over 3 decades.